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Dear President Trump,

We are worried about our American values of liberty and freedom being stripped away by the biased left-wing big-tech companies, like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and other left-leaning business establishments.

American voices (including yours) are being stifled every single day by the left through processes of shadow banning, content filtering, censorship and downright account termination and bans by those who voice conservative opinions or challenge the mainstream leftist agenda or Sharia law.

Americans of all political persuasions must be allowed to voice their opinions against the cancerous influx of the Islamic Sharia Law and radical left-wing values that are being imported into this country and now have made their way into the halls Congress.

Banning someone’s speech from a communication platform like Twitter or Facebook is no different than in 1960 if AT&T were to cut off two people’s phone lines as they were talking about Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement.

Please President Trump, use your office to reaffirm that America  will strongly uphold our constitution and the Judeo Christian values this country was founded upon.

We the people demand that these huge monopolistic and tyrannical social media companies operate just as the phone companies do, and allow speech from all political persuasions. We also demand complete transparency of these companies and how their algorithms filter what speech is allowed online .


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